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Get Ultimate Sound Amusement (GUSA-CD)

Copyright (C) 1988-1998 by Hideaki `ArctanX' TANABE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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GUSA-CD 10th Anniversary

I composed these songs from 1988 to 1991. About 10 years later, in 1998, I made them burned onto CD-R whose title was "Get Ultimate Sound Amusement" (aka "GUSA-CD"), by using some authoring tools. Since this year 2008 is 10th anniversary of GUSA-CD, I released these songs in mp3 format. Please enjoy them all !!


  1. Digitalized Drivin' (4'39") [download (mp3 : 6.4MBytes)]
  2. On Top of the `WORLD' (5'05") [download (mp3 : 7.0MBytes)]
  3. a.m.3:00 (7'17") [download (mp3 : 10MBytes)]
  4. Final Trial (5'11") [download (mp3 : 7.1MBytes)]
  5. Sound Storm (5'44") [download (mp3 : 7.9MBytes)]
  6. Dans La Tristesse (5'46") [download (mp3 : 7.9MBytes)]
    (Original version for the opening theme of "Cannon Smash")
  7. Amusement Field (6'56") [download (mp3 : 9.5MBytes)]
  8. Bonus Track #1 / Final Trial (U110 Version) (5'12") [download (mp3 : 7.1MBytes)]
  9. Bonus Track #2 / Amusement Field (MDX Version) (6'42") [download (mp3 : 9.2MBytes)]

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CD Labels

1st edition (Photos taken in Japan in 1998)

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2nd edition (Photos taken in US in 1999)

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Cover Arts

1st edition (Photos taken in Japan in 1998)

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2nd edition (Photos taken in US in 1999)

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